Man arrested for stealing Deputy’s ticket book after DUI arrest

After police arrested a 27 year old man for driving under the influence Friday night in Thurston County, the police officer was kind enough to offer the man a ride home after he was booked and released.

The officer pulled the man over around 11:30 near Black Lake Blvd and Park Drive, accodring to Thurston County Sherriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin. The deputy had a civilian ride along with him, so his ticket book and gear was in the back seat of the police car.

After being released, the deputy gave the suspect a ride home to the 3800 block of Biscay Street. Shortly after leaving, the deputy realized his ticket book was missing. After driving back to the suspects house, he found him sitting on the front porch drinking a bottle of wine.

The suspect claimed he had no idea where the ticket book was, but the deputy knocked on the door and asked the suspects uncle to search for the ticket book, which he found on the floor of the suspect. Now, instead of a misdemeanor DUI, the suspect was arrested on second degree felony theft.

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